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Tools and Links to Learn the Facts and Join the Fight to Protect Public Education

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Latest Links & Resources

One link to rule them all! 
The most up-to-date list of links and resources on one convent place. 

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Leave behind rocks

Perfect for introverts! Leave behind these cute rocks with a clear message!

Proudly offered by Liberal Rocks.

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Official SMFL Merch

Help spread our message far and wide with shirts, stickers, and more!

Panda Deisgns & Marketing is our official merch supplier. Need a bulk or custom order? Contact Crystal.


Must be in National FB Group

A wealth of resources, links, basic rules and so much more! The Guides section of our National Facebook Group is constantly being updated with important info, especially great for new members!


Online Advocacy

We use both ResistBot and RallyStarter for online petitions, email or calling campaigns and more!

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Learn the facts about Moms for Liberty from SPLC

In 2023, The Southern Poverty Law Center declared Moms for Liberty in an antigovernment extremist organization. View their extremist group profile to learn why and more. 

Additional Resources

PragerU Opt Out for Florida  - Two versions to send to teachers, principals and the board to opt your child out of any supplimental lessons that involve materials from PragerU 

The Voice of Reason Podcast - SMFL Founder joins The Voice of Reason Podcast to discuss current events, public education and more! 

Google Drive - Branding and Marketing

One location for logos, finished flyers, social media images, sample posts and more. 

Photo showing two women wearing the official STOP Moms for Liberty Shirt. Red shirts with the SM4L logo on the front and Moms for Liberty does NOT speak for me on the back.  Taken at Brevard Pride Parade 2022
STOP Moms for Liberty rocks are small roses made of clay with liberal messages permanently impressed into the back. They are large enough to be found, but too small to do any harm, and can easily be worn as a necklace or turned into a keychain by the person who finds one. All the fun of the Liberal Rocks community is happening at, so please join us there!
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