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2024 STOP Moms for Liberty
School Board Candidates

Welcome to STOP Moms for Liberty’s new initiative to empower school board candidates!

We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Democracy and Education along with The School Board Integrity Project for this crucial election season.

Our mission is to support school board candidates and existing members in making positive impacts on education. Through strategic partnerships and valuable resources, we're excited to introduce our "A+ Seal of Approval."

This project is designed to assist anyone considering a run for school board, incumbent board members seeking support, and volunteers eager to contribute to campaigns.

Candidates will have the benefit of using our "A+ Seal of Approval" on their social media platforms and publications, showcasing their commitment to educational excellence.

Join us in shaping the future of education. Together, we can make a difference!

Get the SMFL A+ Seal of Approval

Show your constituents that you support public education! Follow these 3 steps to get your A+ seal of approval and access to tools and resources. 

SBIP Pledge_4x.png

Take the pledge to support Public Education.


Make sure to join Democracy and Education for resources and information.

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Once you complete these steps and your vetting has been done, we will be in contact with how to get your A+ Seal of Approval images and more!

In addition to providing templates for you to add your A+ Seal of Approval to your profile picture, we will have you listed on this page showcasing approved candidates and make the appropriate announcements in our STOP Moms for Liberty groups and social media platforms.  

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A Message From Our Partner

"As a State Chapter leader for STOP Moms for “Liberty,” I’m excited that SMFL and my other organization that I’m on the Steering Committee for, Democracy and Education, are joining forces against extremists for the 2024 election cycle. 

Democracy and Education helps school board candidates and their supporters protect our public schools and stand up for democracy.  There are plenty of school board campaign resources available including Campaign 101 with links to all 50 states’ candidate info, Issue Briefs, 2 Podcasts, and numerous news articles. There is even a web developer available to work with school board candidates, and their campaigns in quickly setting up professional yet reasonably priced campaign websites.  With free registration, there is a lot more access including The Forum with online networking with members across the U.S., Campaign Resources that include guides, tips, tools, “How To…”,  as well as a Campaign Calendar, News from the Campaign Trail, and participation in Monthly National Calls via Zoom (or access to recordings of the same so you never miss a special presentation about campaigning or public education issues."  - Kelly with STOP Moms for Liberty and Democracy & Education.

STOP Moms for Liberty's
2024 A+ Seal of Approval Candidates


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