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STOP Moms for "Liberty"

We are a focused movement comprised of relentless defenders of public education from across this nation.  

We are fierce advocates of inclusive education in public schools.

We are fighting back against the far-right extremist groups like Moms for Liberty who are pushing for book banning, and destroying public education.

 Welcome from Our Founder!


As I posted my concerns about Moms for Liberty across various groups on Facebook, it became apparent that the MFL cry of "parent rights" was not the full story.  I was very happy and encouraged to see that there were many efforts at fighting back against the unwelcome MFL strategic takeover of our public school systems across America!  So  STOP  moms for "liberty"  was born.

The attempted takeover by this fear-mongering, dark money-connected, "nonprofit",  is discriminatory and designed to inject far-right Christian Nationalism into what is supposed to be an inclusive, neutral, and safe space for ALL children and teachers.  Underserved communities are targeted by MFL accusations and insults.  We stand united to support ALL students families and teachers without exception. We understand that when MFL claims they are a parents' rights organization, that they have made it abundantly clear that they only mean some parents.   


Their push toward tax dollars being used for private education is also unfolding across the country.  Elected officials in some states are complicit in the often nefarious actions of the MFL group by concocting legislation that is both discriminatory and revengeful.  Plans to try to control the teaching of history are beyond frightening.  By questioning books, a small number of loud voices are inundating districts with review requests, which creates insurmountable amounts of work for our already over-burdened educators.  Book banning is a strategy used throughout history to silence voices.  Our children deserve to have a variety of reading experiences without opinionated oversight.   Honestly, it is unbelievable to see censorship in the great and free USA. 


As a retired teacher and educational advocate, I choose to stand up for my profession and to help organize efforts to shield our children from the great harm being done by the hate-filled attacks against our community schools.  Horrific, disparaging, and often dangerous actions aimed directly at teachers, administrators, media specialists, and school board members can not be tolerated. They all deserve our support and protection. 


The mission of STOP  moms for "liberty"  is to connect the resistance across our nation so that we can support each other in the quest to save our public school system. There is strength in numbers and effectiveness in organizing.   


NOW... let's change the narrative! 

Liz Mikitarian 

Founder  STOP moms for "liberty"

"An attack on democracy anywhere is an attack on democracy everywhere!"​

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